Welcome to Curvy Sisters.

We invite you to kick off your shoes, grab a glass of wine (and a little chocolate), and nestle into the depths of our virtual home.


Curvy Sisters is an online community where women break free from conformity, hiding, fitting in, swallowing their words, ignoring their inner wisdom and shrinking from their innate power.



We are radical seekers of the truth.


We embrace integrity and freedom.


We boldly speak our minds to tear down the status quo and heal the world.


We are powerful beyond measure.


Our values are unwavering; our dedication to being whole is unshakable.


We are women – sisters, daughters, mothers, friends – who courageously fulfill our deepest needs and desires.


We are the Divine Feminine, and we honor the women who have walked before us.


We share a collective wisdom gifted to us by our souls.


We support one another as we shine our light and share our gifts together.


We are Curvy Sisters, and you are one of us.


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Our philosophy is simple.

Find Your Voice

Discover who you are and who you are meant to serve beyond what you’ve been conditioned to believe


Speak Your Truth

Tell the truth of who you really are. Share your message


Step into Your Power

Own your story, take inspired action and stand strong in your beliefs and mission


Create Your Life

You are a powerful creator. Consciously create the life you dream of


Connect with Your Sisters

Connect with women who help inspire, support and celebrate you


Welcome Home Curvy Sister!


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We’re thrilled to announce that the Curvy Sisters Club has opened its doors to welcome you!


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